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KerinRealty & Keller Williams Sold Another Home In Riverview and Here is How We Did It!

This home sale was very important to me, as all the homes are when these buyers from Massachusetts was looking for the perfect Home in Florida.

I actually sold their daughter a Townhouse a year prior and worked my magic in finding her a 3 Bed, 2.5-Bath Townhome, in a gated community for under $100k.  So They knew that I would work as hard for them as well!

Here is the Process for all my Northerners that come down to Tampa Looking for a home to buy!

  1. When you come here, make sure you either know where you want to live, or get a hotel in the different area that Tampa has to offer!  Tampa is unique where there are so many Different areas to live.  EX -  SOUTH TAMPA - CHANNELSIDE - RIVERVIEW/BRANDON - APOLLO BEACH - TOWN & COUNTRY - WESTCHASE and not to mention CLEARWATER & ST PETE.  So it is important to know exactly where you want to live and have an agent that has the time to take you around and see what these area have to offer!  It's not just about the home but the area.  the restaurants, schools and even traffic!  We are the Agents that will help you!
  2. We will start in one area and drive around look at every home that is on the market that you are looking for.  we will stop at the local shops, restaurants,  Get lunch and Dinner and especially ask the local neighbors what they think "they will always tell you the truth."
  3. When we establish the area you like, we will target a plan to get you the best deal, From Getting closing Cost paid from the seller to getting anything fixed that needs to be.  You wanna make sure when you move to Florida your Home is Perfect!  Also another route is New Construction.  The builder will normally pay most or even all Closing Cost & KerinRealty will give you 1% of purchase price towards new furniture and what ever else.
  4. KerinRealty will make sure that everything is taken care of so if you can't be here through the whole process, we will be there for you!  We will do non-stop video calls from the Home Inspection to the Appraisal.  Buying a home in a different state should be exciting and knowing that everything is taken care of will make it a relief and Stress-free!  You should be back home knowing that KerinRealty is taken care of everything for you Down Here in Tampa!

We always make sure our clients out of State "and here in Tampa" are treated like Royalty!  Buying a home should be exciting and fun, especially when moving to a new area!  When we Sold this Home we did exactly that, we made sure the buyers were happy with the area the home was located in!  We worked and showed them home's for 8 Months until they found one they were happy with!  Yes, 8 Months they flew back and forth until they found their perfect home and we were with them every step of the way!  We made sure they had the Roof in perfect condition, The AC unit in perfect working condition and that they had some Money from the seller going towards there closing cost!

KerinRealty works Non-Stop for our clients! We work 7 days a week and always Answer Our Phones!

Please call me for any Questions you may have Regarding Real Estate, Moving, Tampa or just to say hello :)

Quote from the buyer of this home:

"I have Never had an agent work so hard for me.  every time me or my husband called KerinRealty they always answered their phone which made this whole deal a lot easier for us!  I recommend everyone using them.  They made my experience fun and PERFECT!!!"

KerinRealty (813) 699-1800

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