Recently Sold - 12960 Fennway Ridge Dr

KerinRealty Has Sold Another in Summerfield.  Located on the Summerfield Crossing golf Course, We helped the SELLERS get top Dollar for their home!

This home, like all other homes that we help Sell, was important to us, even if it was already on the market prior to us taking over it!  We get a lot of calls from Sellers that tried using a Family friend or a referral from a neighbor and most times, we take over and help sell the house.  The reason is Full Time!!!  You need to have an Agent that works Full Time &  on weekends.   One that has marketing campaign like no other.  That is exactly who KerinRealty is.

What we did to sell this home:

  1. New Pictures of the home.  Especially being on the Summerfield Crossing Golf Course, we needed to showcase that.
  2. HOME VIDEO TOUR - By now you should see how we are the only agents doing an amazing video tour that I host.  It makes you feel like you are seeing the home without being there.
  3. Word it Correctly - You need to showcase what the home has and what the sellers are offering.  we don't care how far everything is, we want to show you how of an amazing deal you are getting!
  4. OPEN HOUSE EXTRAVAGANZA - We do Open Houses every Weekend till the house sells!

There are more Marketing secrets that we have to sell your home and if you have any questions about your home, please fell free to contact us anytime!

KerinRealty (813) 699-1800

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