Gated Community &Premier Lot! - No Neighbors On the right of you and no Villas behind you! 3 Bed 2 Bath - Granite Counters - Huge Screened In Lanai with Pond in Back - Master Suite with Tub & Shower - Right Across from Pool! This Villa is ready to be Sold ASAP.

**The History of Riverview **

(based on actual events, names have been added for entertainment purposes)

In 1885 Kerin’s Great, Great, Great Grandfather, founded Riverview in 1885, along the Alafia River’s north shore.  This is where he sold the first hut.  On the south side of the river there was already competing realtors selling huts, they were know as “Peru” Realty.  The name “Peru” coming from the indigenous name for “straight part of the river”.  Peru had been around for almost 100 years until the 1940’s when Kerin finally figured out how to cross the river.  Once he crossed the river he claimed it for himself and made it become part of Riverview.  Mainly because the post office was getting confused by Kerin now selling homes in Peru and Riverview, and having to mail contracts back and forth the post office decided to combine both towns into one.

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