Lowry Parcade & Tavern


If you are into original retro arcade games, air hockey table, board games, skee ball and much more come check out Lowery Parcade & Tavern! The Parcade is Tampa’s first arcade and craft beer bar dedicated to providing the best in classic arcades, craft beer, and awesome events. The best part is they have a list of great beers, which they mostly favor local breweries!   So come down and see for yourself how we did, and maybe have a beer or two because seriously, some things are better as an adult.  Bring your quarters, we kick it old-school here!  Book your reservations on their website at Lowery Parcade and check them out on Facebook at Lowery Parcade

1213 W. Waters Ave Tampa, Fl 33604


Mon-Thu: 5pm - 1am

Fri - Sat: 3pm - 3am

Sun: 3pm - 1 am

"We Bring The fun To Our Community"- KerinRealty

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