Foot Golf at Summerfield Crossings Golf Course

It's Not Golf - It's Not Soccer - It's FOOT GOLF!!

When you are in Summerfield "Riverview, FL" make sure you stop by the Summerfield Crossing Golf Club and check out their new Foot Golf Course.

If you’re preparing to head to your local FootGolf course for the first time, here is a quick First-Timer’s Guide to FootGolf of what to bring to ensure a fun and successful day out on the FootGolf course.

What to wear
Check the local rules for the golf course that you’re headed to, keeping in mind that the same dress code for golfers often applies to FootGolfers. While there is a definite “FootGolf” outfit that has been promoted by the American FootGolf League (AFGL) that includes argyle knee-high socks, an Ivy Hat (AKA a “Ben Hogan” hat), and a collared shirt, if you’re not competing in a tournament, the dress code might be more lax. But oftentimes collared shirts and golf attire are required, so just check before you go.

What to bring

A standard, #5 soccer ball – if you’re not planning on renting one at the course. A rented ball can run $5 and might be well-worn. That said, it might be a safer bet to rent a ball if you’re headed to a course with water hazards (read: a lake), because if you’re going to risk losing a ball into the drink (and waiting for it to float close enough to the shoreline to grab), you might not want it to be your personal soccer ball.
A towel – This is for drying off your soccer ball in between holes. Depending on the time of day and weather, your ball can get muddy, dirty, and slippery. Especially if you’re planning on carrying it around the course, a towel will come in handy.
Sunglasses – Consider bringing sunglasses if the weather calls for it.
Sunblock – You’ll be out kicking the ball around on the golf course, so if it’s sunny, remember to block those rays!
A camera – Okay, so most of us have the ability to take photos on our phone, but it’s your first time FootGolf-ing! You’ll definitely want to remember the moment by snapping a few snapshots. #gofootgolf!

Word to the wise
You don’t need to be a great golfer to enjoy FootGolf, or a super soccer player to understand the rules. Just relax, enjoy the game, and have fun! Trust us, it’s a blast! (And besides, we got better as we went along, and we know you will too.)

13050 Summerfield blvd, Riverview, Hillsborough County, Florida

(813) 671-3311

visit their website at Summerfield

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