Myth to Pulling Credit Report Multiple Times


These days your credit score is everything.  Unless you pay everything in cash, your the world revolves around credit.  So when it comes time to apply for a mortgage or trying to buy a car you are always worried.  I know personally I use to think, man I have to buy a car here they already pulled my credit.  Well we at Kerin Realty with the help of Robert Digiore are here to help you and debunk that myth to pulling credit.

The truth is....

Credit bureaus will allow you to have your credit pulled more than once (for the same reason) within a 30-day window. This will only count as one credit pull.  So don't let lenders tell you that your score will drop if you get your credit pulled again. They are just trying to create fear so that you aren't shopping around.  It is highly recommend on a second opinion on any quote you're getting.  So to reiterate, you can have your credit pulled multiple times within a 30-day period so that you can get a competitive mortgage.  If you have any more questions on credit score or credit pulls, please give Call Robert Digiore from Freedom Mortgage a call at 813-504-8593 or email at  Presented to you by Kerin Realty.

Presented to you by Kerin Realty.

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