First Step to Buying a Home!

First Step to Buying a Home

The First Step to Buying a New home is very important, so that is why I feel that everyone should take the same approach!

Before calling a Mortgage Broker or your bank, before driving around and looking at homes, know how much you can afford and what comes with a monthly mortgage payment.

I recommend going to a website which has a mortgage calculator and input how much you want to spend monthly on a mortgage payment. The one Problem a lot of first-time home buyers have is they forget the other payments that come with owning a home; utility bills, lawn maintenance, home insurance, HOA costs, etc.  Not to mention other bills, ie. Car Payments, Food, and entertainment funds (dining out, movies, golfing, etc).

So First and Foremost go to a Site similar to - and input various home prices and taxes, this will tell you more or less what you can afford.

Contacting a Mortgage Broker is also important, they can help look up your Credit and tell you how much you will be approved for, but be prepared to let the broker know how much you are willing to spend.

The Reason I call it the First Step is Simple!

It is the Easiest Step.  No Phone Calls or Emails!

Turn on your computer and input numbers in the mortgage calculator and see what you can afford and be comfortable with!

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