Estimated Mortgage on Zillow

Why You Shouldn't Use Zillow to Get an Estimated Mortgage

There are two things you need to know about the Estimated Mortgage on Zillow. The estimated mortgage is based on 20% down (not knowing if the house requires a CDD or HOA) and based on an interest rate which is probably not going to happen. Most buyer don't have the cashput 20% down, and only put 5%, 10% 3.5% and with that then comes PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance). Not included in the Zillow payment are property taxes, CDD fees, HOA fees, home insurance, etc., so this overall calculations is unrealistic.

Also, if you fill out the pre-qualification form on Zillow, your info is going to a call center and then you will be receiving many calls from agents who pay to buy your lead. These sites are not being truthful and making a bad experience for you.

If you find a house you really like, call Rob and get pre-approved before you start looking for a house! Contact Robert Digiore at or call at 813-504-8593.  Check out their website at

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